Martin Dreyer

Martin Dreyer is the seven times winner and record holder of the Dusi Canoe Marathon and world reknown adventure racing icon.

In addition to winnning the Dusi seven times, Martin has just about tackled (and most likey won) every adventure race on the map.

Martin’s adventure racing career highlight was having won the Land Rover G4 Challenge (Camel Trophy), in which he competed against 17 of the worlds finest to clinch the title for what is dubbed the ‘Ultimate Global Adventure Race’.

Martin currently lives on a sugar Cane farm 20 min outside Pietermaritzburg and spends most of his time training and mentoring Previously Disadvantaged kids from the impoverished Valley of a 1000 Hills, in his Change a Life Academy. 

Martin’s message parallels the typical challenges and opportunities that most of us face in business and life. From setting goals to visualizing those goals. Making plans and doing the preparation (and the consequences of not doing it). Planning for disaster. Changing direction. Forgiving mistakes (others and self). Reassessing and reprioritizing. Making decisions. Handling self doubt and building self belief. Overall the ability to dig deep and draw on the inner strength that most of us have but rarely call on. The importance of determination and perseverance. Being passionate and enthusiastic about life and reaching ones potential.

Martin story is an inspirational journey peppered with humour and anecdotes presented with dramatic visuals that will leave you convinced you can handle any problem faced in your home and work life.

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