Warren Thackeray

Dubbed a ‘master of psychological influence’ by local media, Warren Thackeray is a mentalist who combines various techniques in order to seemingly predict and control human behaviour.

For half a decade he has created close up performances that have astonished and astounded audiences from around the world. He has appeared in Fair Lady and on Goodhope FM. His new stage show, Superhuman will be appearing at The Grahamstown National Arts Festival as well as in theatres across South Africa this year.

When he isn’t performing; writing, creating, or even, sometimes sleeping; he teaches hypnosis as well as running a successful therapy practice: Powerful Change Hypnotherapy.

In his terrifying 60 minute presentation, he will take every member of your team and show them exactly how working together creates results unlike anything they have ever imagined. The reason it is “terrifying” is because you will have two of your workforce literally read each others minds.

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